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Before each interpreting job the client must provide written background papers with sufficient time reserve in regard to the interpreting. This normally includes the agenda with time schedule, lectures, presentations, manuals, brochures or other written background papers. The time reserve must be sufficient for the interpreter to prepare (one week minimum).

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter simultaneously interprets the speaker’s speech, using special interpreting equipment. As a rule, two interpreters are used, alternating every half hour. Simultaneous interpreting is appropriate for example at conferences, press conferences, seminars, company presentations, etc..

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter interprets the speaker’s speech in short sections (sentences or groups of sentences). Equipment for interpreters is sometimes also used. Consecutive interpreting can be appropriate at business or technical negotiations, accompanying executives on business trips, or on accompanying individuals on private journeys for a particular purpose.

Sworn interpreting

Sworn interpreting is required at official events at institutions. Such events include weddings, driving tests, court trials, prosecutor’s office, police, prison service or other, particularly government, institutions. The interpreter must be certified by the Slovak Ministry of Justice.


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